icebreaker games for large youth groups

Hand out a coin to each person, and have people share what they were doing in the year the coin was made.

The leader repeats the exercise, but this time tells the participants to count to three after looking around and then point to the person they thought the leader chose the first time. A short and simple game. Each person is to do gestures as follows: The goal is to become the Elephant King. This continues until each member of the group has said all the names preceding theirs and added their own and you have returned to the first person.

The team building game also exposes how your team members think, and also what kind of intelligences they prioritize in survival situations. Most Likely To is a simple to put together large group icebreaker activity, where participants assign who is most likely to do certain activities. The leader then asks those who were touched the first time to raise their hands. Set a time limit for the game and the person who is the Elephant when the time is up, wins. You can add more animals and gestures if you have more players, or have two or three of each animal. When colleagues give their business card to another, they must write down three fun facts about themselves on the back of the card. The first two large group icebreakers for teams take up to a half hour, while the last works well if time is limited. Home; Browse; Contribute 9 Icebreakers That'll Leave Your Group Buzzing. When your colleagues run into each other in the future, they are more likely to recognize each other. However, a person can only pass once during his or her one minute. The left hand palm faces up, and the right index finger points down and touches a neighbor’s outstretched palm. This stimulating large group icebreaker gets people focused and ready for activities. Large group icebreakers are games or activities to get teams of 20 people or more talking to each other. A simple game which allows people to express where they stand on an issue - by literally standing along an imaginary spectrum. Once everyone has done this, you then announce that for each sheet they have torn off, they must tell the group one thing about themselves! Put the papers in piles on each corner – singles on first, doubles on second, triples on third, and the home run in fourth base. Play Trivia Baseball the same as regular baseball. Play this game in a large indoor area with the boundaries set. For those who want an office makeover, you may also assign large swaths of the walls for this activity, instead. Large group icebreakers are games or activities that are designed to spark conversation among groups of 20 or more people. We hope you feel inspired by the social activities above. Business Card Tag is one of the most effective ways to hold a large group icebreaker. Give each person four sheets of paper and a pen or pencil. An easy large group icebreaker game to start with is Hello, My Name Is. Divide your group into teams of six to eight people. Examples of great “most likely to’s” include: When you wish to play, gather everyone into a large circle, and read out the first item on your “most likely to” list. They cannot use motions, “Sounds like . Successful large group icebreakers involve everyone, and let your colleagues get to know each other better.

What makes icebreakers for large groups work? The last one standing is the winner! ;. Home » Blog » Resources » Large Group Icebreakers. Again, the same sequence is played as in rounds one and two, however, this time, each person needs to act and use motions as hints for their team’s guesses. A great way to encourage people to mix and talk. Team building content expert. The leader has everyone sit in a circle, and instructs participants to choose an adjective that describes them that starts with the same letter as their first name. Also check out our learning theories summaries, educational game design resources, group games, great group games, and how do you play party games guide. Ensuring that your activity can actually accommodate groups of 20 people and more is what makes icebreakers for large groups work. Participants discover no one was touched the first time. All teams with that same title or lyrics must cross it off their list. Icebreaker games for large groups are especially effective for meetings, conventions, retreats, and anywhere participants must interact and work together. Try ours. Here are a few frequently asked questions about large group icebreakers.

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